Under leading by professional manufacturing Chan Chia/ Zean Wei Freezer Technology Company has continued designing updated advanced and innovated products. We have developed all kind of Trade Display Show Case, Walk- In Display Show Case, Walk-In Open Show Case, Open Show Case, Island Freezer, Refrigerated Display Case, Stainless Steel Refrigeration, Confectionary Show Case and Flower Show Case. Our company is a professional and reliable company that is good at both design and manufacturing for special requested products according to customer's needs.

  Chan Chia/ Zean Wei Freezer Technology Corporation established in 1987. Company constantly created Assembles Open Show Cases. Through all these years we have technological cooperation with many international factories and acquire plenty of patents.

  Chan Chia/ Zean Wei Freezer Technology Company produced remarkable product developments like Assembling Open Show Case, and Stainless Steel Freezer in 1991. Our company also can design for special required products according to custom's or market needs.

  Since 1978, Chan Chia/ Zean Wei Freezer Technology had always been guided by three Chan Chia/ Zean Wei Freezer Technology Company visions:

‧Quality of the product must be in priority
‧Providing the best customer service is our priority
‧Accompanies the customer to grow together

Trade Glass Door/ Display Show Case
Walk-In Display Cooler
Open Show Case
Walk-In Open Show Case
Island Freezer/ Refrigerated Display Case
Flower Show Case
Confectionary Show Case
Stainless Steel Refrigeration
Headquarters: No.9-8, Nanyun Rd., Mingjian Township, Nantou County 551, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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